Lumenion develops and builds combined-heat-and-power (CHP) storage systems that provide factories, utilities and municipalities with clean, dispatchable heating and electricity.

Burning gas and oil to supply heating (or cooling) is one of the major causes of global CO2 emissions.

Without effective decarbonisation of the heating sector, the Paris climate accord goals will not be attainable. At the same time, using of renewable energies for heat generation opens a whole new market segment with great potential.

Solar and wind energy fluctuate and do not follow demand.

Our combined-heat-and-power (CHP) storage systems smooth out these fluctuations and bring CO2-free heat and electricity into the market in line with demand. They store generation peaks from wind and solar decentrally as high-temperature heat at 600°C. We can then use this stored thermal energy either directly as heat or, if necessary, convert it back into electricity.

Our systems thus enable a cost-effective and decentralized 100%-renewable energy supply from clean, but intermittent green electricity production. By storing the peaks, we also relieve the transmission networks.

By effectively coupling the power and heating sectors, our technology thus solves one of the fundamental challenges in transitioning to a cost-effective, low carbon energy economy.

Robust technology and intelligent solutions enable a CO2 free energy supply.

Sector coupling is the key

  • In order to stem global warming not only is the decarbonise of the electricity sector required, but of the heat sector as well.
  • In Germany renewable energy accounts for only 12% of the heat sector, where comparatively 32% is achieved for electricity*.
  • Heat consumption accounts for approximately 48% of the total energy requirements in Germany. Electricity accounts for approximately 21%.
  • Our Combined Heat and Power Storage technology stores excess electricity for later use, and delivers it as dispatchable power and heat.
  • Out technology integrates renewables perfectly into our energy system and enables a 100% CO2 free energy supply.

*Source: Umweltbundesamt

Combined Heat and Power Storage Systems for a 100 % CO2-free energy supply

• low cost
• high efficiency
• long life expectancy
• robust technology

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